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Health consciousness – conscious health.

15-health-wellness1There are more and more forums and articles discussing the importance of health consciousness. We are all fighting against stress and leading a rushy lifestyle.
So what is the solution?
As we all know we need to comply with an enormous amount of expectations on a daily basis. Besides our modern, 21st century lifestyle we should be all living in a consciously healthy way. We tend to ignore such „minor” issues as insomnia, stress or constipation – even if these are making our lives miserable. Nevertheless, in many cases an easy and simple solution is within our reach, improving our life quality and ability to be effective on an everyday basis.

How can we do the most in favour of our health so that our life and monthly budget is not focused on drugs, strict diet methods and the different scientific and un-scientific solutions?

The solution

We can handle a lot of issues and problems with a simple and cheap solution.

Our company, CasaPharma offers a scientific and personalized treatment with its products to your health problems, with the cooperation and recommendation of our expert partners.

Our company

The predecessor of our company started its operations in the 90s. At that time it was dealing with the local and international sales of different Hungarian inventions and food supplements in cooperation with other companies.

Our venture has been recently re-named to CasaPharma following a rise in its capital and the entry of new owners.

CasaPharma – continuing the efforts of its predecessor with a stronger background – is still striving to offer natural solutions to its customers. We represent an approach saying that health needs to be always treated and re-established by means of the weakest, but most effective tools.

Professional background

Dr. Pál Kasza

Managing Director

Graduated as a licensed pharmacist in 1976. During his career, he obtained a wide range of skills and experience in several fields of the pharmaceutical profession.

As a university lecturer he got his doctor degree in 1976 in the pharmaceutical technology, then he was an industrial adviser in Angola.

Following this, he went to the world of the pharmaceutical trade, selling rights of intellectual properties, licenses. This very comprised area involved the drug research and development, technology transfer, the sales of APIs, the international regulatory affairs as well as the licensing. The skills learned here were exploited in his independent ventures.

Speaking a number of languages, literary translations have passionately been made and published in Hungarian from Portuguese and Polish.

Orsolya Kasza

Managing Director

Graduated at the College for Foreign Trade in 1998 with a specialisation in marketing. She gained her professional experience within the fields of media, music industry and information technology.

During her career at different multinational companies she obtained a strong knowledge of consumer oriented approaches, a market knowledge necessary to manage different brands and the optimal use of marketing tools.

As the next phase of her nearly 15 year long career she decided to launch a new venture with her father by entering the health commerce industry and use her professional knowledge in favour of the current and future clients and consumers of CasaPharma.

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